10 Father’s Day Celebration Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up and that means it’s time to do what Dad wants to do! Make sure the Dad in your life feels appreciated and loved on his day. Whether it’s a family BBQ, a day at the golf course or maybe just a relaxing day of whatever Dad chooses, here are 10 ideas to help make this Father’s Day great.

1. Surprise Adventure- Plan a daytrip to one of his favorite places or somewhere he’s always wanted to check out. Leave little hints like “pack your swimsuit” or “bring your golf clubs” then head out for the day!
2. Backyard BBQ- Nothing is as fun as a great BBQ with all Dad’s favorite foods and his favorite people, his family! Put together a menu of his favorites and bring out the boce ball. If your Dad likes to be the grill master, let him show off his grilling greatness. Otherwise, give Dad the day off. Plan a family friendly game of croquet, badmitten or boce ball. Check out this delicious double cheddar cheese burger recipe.
3. Dad’s Day Out- If your Dad loves to hit the links, set up a tee-time for him and few friends and let him enjoy this Father’s Day playing a round of golf at his favorite course. If possible, arrange to have a lunch with his favorite frosty beverage pre-paid for him at the 19th hole.
4. Father’s Day Olympics- For those sport loving, competive natured dads, plan a day of “Olympic” style events like a relay race, water ballon toss, and strong man competition! You can even make gold, silver and bronze medals to bestow upon the top three athletes of the day.
5. Breakfast in Bed- Let Dad sleep in and bring him a delicious breakfast in bed. Everyone can help prepare the meal. Take a look at some of these breakfast recipes for inspiration.
6. A Show of Appreciation- Put on a show for Dad! Each family member can act out their favorite thing about Dad. If he has a good sense of humor, think of it as a light hearted “roast” for him. Or, you can let each person present their gift to Dad and let him know how much you appreciate him. For craft ideas check PurpleTrail’s homemade Father’s Day gift ideas.
7. Family Photo- If the whole family is celebrating, why not seize the opportunity to update your family photos! Take several shots in various poses to capture the moment. Utilize a tripod so everyone can be included in the picture.
8. Car wash- Suprise Dad by getting the gang together to wash his car inside and out. He’ll be happy to cross it off his “to-do” list!
9. Game Tournement- If the weather is less than desirable and your celebration is indoors, pull out the family’s favorite board games. Games like charades or card games are also fun for everyone!
10. Picnic in the Park- Plan a gathering at your favorite local park or lake front. If combining your celebration with other families, coordinate a potluck with a few favorites for each of the Dad’s.

The most important thing is to let your Dad know what he means to you. If it’s by way of a simple card or a big party, just make sure to let him know you appreciate him. Afterall, without our dad’s, we wouldn’t be here! Happy Father’s Day!

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