Home is Security and Comfort

Back From Iraq

Back From Iraq

You can see the relief of being finally Home from Iraq

as you can see in this picture of my Son Chris Mansfield as he gives two of his Sisters a long awaited hug.

Home can have a different meaning as many times as there are days a week. Some days drama, some days solitude, but in all ways everyday should be security and comfort.

Depending on what phase of your life you are in, may put a determination on “which” structure you call Home, but when you need to feel safe that is where you find it.

H- Healing =repairing both Emotionally & Physically

O – Oasis = A place for refilling or refuge

M – Memories = The best thing you can give your Children is  memories

E – Escape =  A place of retreat to hide away from Everything


A new must see movie

A new must see movie

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