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New Buzz From Burt’s Bees  Get Your Free Samples While they last

Follow the Link to request a sample of the new  Burt’s Bees All Natural

Acne Solution

Burts Bees New Acne Line

Burts Bees New Acne Line

Introducing Natural Acne Solutions™ The first and only truly natural* acne solution.

Natural Acne Solutions™ products are clinically proven to help reduce and prevent acne for naturally clear, smooth and healthy-looking skin. The 4-step product regimen works so well that even a dermatologist’s daughter, Annalisa, chooses Natural Acne Solutions™ products for her skin. Find out more, then skip the synthetics and get beautiful, clear skin, naturally!

My Daughter and I got to be in on pre testing of these products. With the exception of the Small Spot Treatment Bottle. It was really a pain to get out the solution without wasting it. But, hopefully they took the advice of the majority of their testers and upgraded the bottle top design.

All of these products worked pretty good on my 14year old daughter. She stated that it was clearing up her face, but then her older sister purchased another line of a popular acne treatments. So Mom, Muah, inherited the Burt’s bees. I really appreciated the fact that they are all natural. The refreshing smells, especially the tube of scrub. It has a great smell. It was a little less abrasive than I normaly used. But, this worked really well. Now that I am in my middle 40’s, gravity and stress is beginning to take a toll with the fine lines and such.  The moisturizer was not too heavy for any time of day. It has SPF included in it as well, so it would be good to use prior to make-up application. This will give you a nice foundation especially if you are using some of today’s ever popular MINERAL MAKEUP.  Containing the SPF, it is extra daytime protection of the Sun’s Rays under your Make up.

SPECIAL TIP: Dab a small amount of the SPF Moisturizing Lotion on your Eye Lids, let it absorb a few seconds. If you apply Cream Eye Shadow, apply that next, set with a small amount of powder eye Shadow. If you do not use cream, then just apply powder shadow as usual. This added step, will keep your Make Up on all day, and not “melt” off by lunch time.

Everything you have wanted to know about the Instyler,

but were afraid to ask…..

the High setting

the High setting

My 14 year old loves it too!

My 14 year old loves it too!

Everything you have wanted to know about the Instyler, but were afraid to ask…..

Yes, Ladies and Gentleman it does work as good as they show it on TV. Now it is a little awkward st first to get used to, but it works just as good and as quickly as they show it on TV. They show a person, sitting in their chair doing one little piece at a time. Well I am NOT that person, nor do I have the patience to do it like that. Now, if I were doing someone else s hair, or had very coarse, wiry hair, then I might have to do it that way.? But, Mine I just plug it in, set it to the highest setting (you have 3 to choose from) once it stops blinking it is ready to go. By the way it has a nice safety feature, that if you have plugged it in , and accidentally forgot that you did, cough cough, well, it will shut itself off. This is really great because I have done it more than once of plugging in a curling iron and went off and forgot that I did, until I returned home. The first time I did this with the Instyler, I thought I had broken it by leaving it plugged in because it was no  longer hot, Gladly it was just that safety feature.  It does get extremely hot, and since there is no end to grab a hold of like we usually do when we are using a curling iron or a flat Iron, it is something you have to be careful with. The highest setting gets to be about 385 degrees. It is a little awkward to get used to. It open and closes as you would with a flat iron. One side consists of a stationary brush type handle. The other side is the hot side. This is a round rotating barrel that begins turning once you squeeze the two handles together.  It takes a couple of seconds to envision in your mind which way you want your hair to flip, so this would be how you would hold the In-Styler, as far as which side you have either the brush or roller side. But it really is no different than using a curling iron and you have to hold it the right way so you dont get the little crimpy ends. Once you master that, then the rest is just practicing with it to find out what works for you. It does it quickly, and it is true it does add a very nice shine to your hair with out the use of any chemicals.  My 14 year old Daughter loves hers as well.  The fact that she is very aware of her appearance I should say, it says alot that she loves hers as well.

Now, every-time I have heard of people ordering these, it comes 2 to a package. So, if you split the cost with someone else, or I have even seen on Ebay where people have sold their second one. The choice is yours.  But , In my oppinion, I say yes it does work as it is shown on the Infomercials.





Do You Have  A Grinder In Your Family?

I walk by the bedroom that our little 3 year old Granddaughter is sleeping in and I

hear the strangest of noises. Not quite a snore, but not a stuffy nose either. It actually sounded similar to a tree frog croaking.  So, I crack the door a bit and listen in. Thats when I realized, she was grinding her teeth.  That makes her a 3rd Generation of teeth grinders. I still find myself still having aching jaws from clinching my teeth for long periods of time. My daughter Amanda, who is 19 now used to grind her teeth terribly. She did this to such extreme that when her baby teeth fell out, they actually had small holes all the way through them.  You actually could see the difference in her smiles from when she was about 2, she had normal sized teeth. When she was around the age of 4, there were nothing but tiny nubs that could be seen in her photos.  For some reason when her permanent teeth came in, that no longer was an issue with her.  At least as far as I know anyways.

Most times the Dentist would just tell me it was because of stress or tension that was causing the problem. Ok, so do infants and toddlers have tension? I don’t think so.

About 95% of the population are bruxers, half of whom become chronic enough to require treatment.
What is bruxism?  (br k s z m)
n. – The habitual, involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth,
usually during sleep, as from anger, tension, fear, or frustration.

Bruxism can occur at any time, but it’s most common at night while sleeping. Because it happens during sleep, most people don’t know they brux until their dentist tells them that they are showing signs of bruxing. Often a spouse or family member hears the grinding sound. When diagnosed early, teeth grinding can be treated before it causes permanent damage to the teeth.

How to tell if you have it?
There are several telltale signs. You often have Sore or tender jaws, morning headaches, earaches and neck pain are common signs of moderate to severe bruxing. Others may notice their teeth have become more sensitive over time, or that their teeth look flat or worn. Other physical indications of chronic teeth grinding are chipped teeth; increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages; and loose or broken fillings. To be sure, it’s best to ask your dentist or hygienist. They can give you a definitive answer, and recommend the best treatment options.

What Causes it?
Most often, bruxism is related to stress. It may also be a response to pain elsewhere in the body, or the result of misaligned teeth. Alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants can aggravate the condition, causing more severe grinding or clenching.

What are my Treatment Options?
When bruxism is serious enough to cause pain, and/or physical damage to your teeth, your dentist may suggest you wear a bite plate at night. A bite plate is a soft, removable tray made of a clear, tasteless polymer (plastic) material. It is custom-fit to either your upper or lower teeth and worn at night to prevent grinding in your sleep.

A bite plate can be custom fitted in during your regular dental visit. Or, you can purchase The Doctor’s® NightGuard, the first and only FDA approved over-the-counter medical device for the treatment of Bruxism.

Hopefully  my Daughter and I will be trying these out over the next few weeks.  I sure hope these do absolutely what they are advertised.

Update – Well for some reason we found out that our insurance doesn’t cover this expense. They way they showed us about how badly her teeth is wearing down, we need to check into this soon.  Her pointy teeth, eye teeth are no longer pointy. They are ground down flat along with some of her front bottom teeth. So we have decided to go with a NightGUard from over the counter. I am just not sure which would be the better choice.  Dr’s Nightgard or the Dentek Nightguard.nightguardDoctors Nightguard

Dentek NightguardDentek Nightguard

Let us know if you have tried either one of these and what was your opinion?


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