And Then We Were Three

We had always joked around counting down the Children as they grew and flew the coop.  I had 3 of mine biologically,  and my husband had 2. In addition to that,  from previous marriages,  i had been a step mom to 4 other girls.      I was  18 when I had my first son,  who is now 33.  I will save you some time with your math as i am now 51. Soon to be 52 in December.  It was 2 years ago in June,  the youngest moved out on her 18th birthday.

It finally happened.  We had  raised our children.  We Now had our home to ourselves.  We had our time to ourselves.  We could sit Now either inside or out,  and just listen…  Quiet.  We had peace and quiet,  finally. We could watch what WE wanted.  Could eat out where WE wanted and we could even choose the time.  I didn’t have to try and satisfy a multitude of palettes as could prepare what WE did or did not want.  Thirty years of raising children had finally come to an end and I could enjoy the awesomeness of being a Grandparent.

We love being grandparents and everything that brings.  We had even said jokingly that if we could have been grandparents first,  we wouldn’t have had Children.   Although,  deep down, Down, down we knew that wasnt completely truth, but pretty close.

We had our freedom from July 14th till October 4th… That’s when we learned that God had a sense of humor.  We thought,  Yea it’s our time,  God said ” NOT! “.  That day was the first day that our 3 year old grandson came to live with us.  He is now about a month away from his 5th Birthday,  and hopefully by that time the Adoption will finally be completed as well.

It is completely true,  when One door closes another one opens.  Yes,  our lives took a complete turn around of what we were expecting, but our hearts are so full of love for this very special little boy who Now calls us Mommy And Daddy.

We have learned a valuable life lesson.  It is not OUR time that matters,  it’s GOD’S time and He controls it all.  This Just confirms what i have always said.  That everything happens for a reason and we just have to shut up and listen.

A kiss for luck

A kiss for luck