Can Getting Lasered Really Help You Quit Smoking? – Updated

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Well I will be the first person to say that I didn’t think it was going to work. But when I heard from my Mother- In- Law that she had seen a commercial on T.v. for this place that did Cold  Laser Therapy on people who wanted to quit smoking. I thought oh Great, she’s been watching the Infomercials again.. Now what is she getting us into? I purposely did not look up anything on the Internet because I didn’t want to find anything negative and then I knew I wouldn’t go in with the right frame of Mind. Normally I scrutinize the web to try and find if it is a scam or not. But with what I knew she was paying, no way was I going to go into this with a closed mind.  So we drive 45 minutes from our house to get there, fill out some paperwork and go back 2 at a time as they have just the 2 treatment rooms. Well I opted for Frank and Mom to go first. I try to pull it off like I am being nice, but it really was so I could run out to the car and get ONE LAST  one.. Ok, got the keys, ready to take off to the car and find out Frank can’t go ion this certain room because he is too tall, so I have to go and he will go into the other one when his Mom gets finished.. CRRRRRAPPPPP!  Well, we are supposed to dump our cigarettes in this butt drop area anyways, so I can use the excuse that I needed to go get them out of the car, even though they WERE in my purse already. But I got caught , they knew what I was doing. She told me to just go get it but hurry up she added with a wink. I’m thinking to myself, how n the heck can something like that have such an addictive hold over my every waking thought.  I have forgotten my cell phone before when I have left the house, but Never forgotten the smokes, and if I did, I turned right around to go get them. I usually never got far anyway as I would like a cigarette as though it was part of the ignition system. The car won’t go in reverse unless the thing is lit.  Ok, so now back in the Laser Therapy room.  She (Melissa) explains all the dos and dont’s and what to expect over the next few days to weeks.  We did listen, for the most part. There were only a few things we did not do.  Well , I learned you MUST do Everything they suggest that you do, because oddly enough it does make a difference. We had the  first treatment done on Saturday the 16th or May ( 1 day after Frank’s Birthday) and for that whole week, I might have smoked 6-8 cigarettes, if that. I would take a few puffs, put it out, take a few more, put it out. Usually 1 would last me the entire day. Towards the end of the week, it crept back up to 2. In my mind, I thought here it comes, little by little, I will be right back where I was before. But Saturday ( 1 week later) we sat up appointments for a booster/recharge session. You get 1 free one to use within a 14 day period of your initial laser treatment if you need it.  The very first day we did this, my hubby and I got into an argument. Now mind you, we have been married almost 5 years and that was the first one we had. Talking about being upset.  And on top of that I was cheap because we had 1/2 of a carton cigarettes here at the house, I was not going to just throw away. So knowing they were here ate away at us, and we also enabled each other into allowing failure. What I mean is, that one would be in our minds “if you smoke, then I get to smoke”, or “Is it ok if we just have one? Yea, we will share one.. ” and so on and so on. Anyone of you that has had an unsuccessful quit as a couple, know exactly what I mean and what phrases pop through our heads. If one person has a slip and say, smokes at work, the other one gets mad and jealous that they didn’t “get” to have one as well. So the first chance they can sneak, they will sneak one. (It’s only fair that I get one too, he got one yesterday when he was at work)  It is amazing these thoughts go through our minds. But they do, all the time.  Well now as I said,  1 week later, Saturday, we went for our recharge. This time was so much different for my Husband and I. Melissa did some extra counseling before the treatment and it really made sense. She asked if I still had some at home and I told her yes. She paused and said, “Well then what is it you want me to do for you then?”  For some reason this really hit home withme then. I knew I HAD to get rid of all and everything I had to do with our cigarette problem. When she did the treatment this time, it was a little different for me. I actually felt muscles un – tightening, goose bumps formed and such a feeling of relaxation came over me. I told my Hubby that it was, well lets  just say it was Orgasmic. We purposefully tried to not get mixed up in stressful situations. As soon as we got home, that half-carton of cigs. went to the neighbor. Ashtrays all got emptied, washed and put away.  I did notice that while I was drinking coffee, the urges were more intense as they told us it would, so for a week or so, I will cut down drastically. That did help the urges go away some.  I kept a bag of lollies right here, so if I needed that reach and grab, it is here along with my trusty bottle of water.  But this time, there just was not the same type of bad cravings as before. I do not constantly find myself thinking or yearning for a cigarette. The same goes for Frank. Now it is a little harder for him as there are lots of other smokers there, so he could easily ask for one. Here, there is no access to any cigarettes, so he has to use a little more will-power.

What is  supposed to happen with these laser treatments is that it stimulates the endorphins, which are the “Feel Good’ sensors. They are artificially stimulated, the way nicotine does. So with the laser When you smoke a cigarette, natural chemicals in your body, called endorphins, immediately signal your brain to make you think you feel better. Nicotine addiction alters the normal endorphin cycle in your body so you have a hard time feeling good without the use of nicotine, whether it is from cigarettes, dip, chew, cigars or pipes. As you know, the effects of nicotine wear off quickly (usually 1 to 2 hours). As time goes by, endorphin levels in your body drop far below normal, and you begin to feel extremely irritable, upset, stressed, fatigued, and anxious for a cigarette. This continues that cycle. The laser therapy raises the Endorphin levels for a period of a week to 10 days. By the time the laser treatments wears off, the smoker will have gotten through the physical addiction of nicotine. What is left is the mental triggers or habits that we have to break, all the while continuing to clarify & detoxify the body. Driving was a huge trigger for me, along with talking on the phone. These were things I had to think ahead about. But so far so good, no smoking and I don’t plan on going back. Things are smelling so differently now. As a matter of fact, things STINK, foods do NOT taste as good as I thought they would either.. And boy do I ever smell other smokers, yuck.

I should have had a good idea that this was going to work because both times we were in the office, we heard some great things. The first time was a young man that brought his girlfriend there.  They decided this after his own mother who had been a two pack a day smoker used the treatment and had quit as well with a month under belt. The other one that stood out, but there was actually more, was the one where a gentleman came in after 2 years, proudly proclaiming that after he came in and got his Booster treatment, he never went back to smoking or even craving it after 2 years. Wow, that was outstanding advertising in my mind. A third form of conviction would be this video below. A problem solvers news reporter actually had come in to what I think was try and prove that  Cold Laser Therapy was a scam, they could not. Well, just watch for yourself, this says it all.

We had treatments done At the Healing Laser Clinic in Lake Mary. They also have two others, one in Orlando and another in Pennsylvania PA.  No, I am not part of these Centers at all so if you have technical questions, they are who you need to ask.

Click the boxes below to see the Channel 6 Problem Solvers News Report



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Well yesterday, Saturday the 30th is 2 weeks since we have quit smoking.  The first week after the treatment was really difficult as I smoked about 6 cigarettes that whole week. SO I went back in on Saturday the 30th for a recharge or booster shot, (even though there are no needles involved), or whatever you want to call it.  That entire day after, we had this relaxed feeling over us. To be honest, I told my Husband it was almost an orgasmic type of feeling. As soon as we got back home, I took whatever cigarettes I had left and gave them to the neighbor across the street. Normally that would have been very out of character for me.  Why, because I am super cheap, and I would just “hide” them somewhere. That is what I did the first week, and it ate me up because I did nothing but sit there and just think about them. And finally I would give into it. Now granted it was less than 7 of them for the week, but, I KNOW it would have gradually crept up to 2 or 3 a day, then to 5 or 6, till it eventually got right back to smoking that pack a day.  Now, I am not saying the cravings/urges are completely gone this week after the second recharge, but we followed most of the rules. The first part of the week, we had our water bottles withus all the time. Well at least I did.  I did cut down on coffee a little, because I did notice that that tight feeling I had in my chest and the stronger urges were there while we were drinking coffee. I did have some of those Commit lozenges that I would suck on when I really wanted one. I found it quite odd withthem though because about 75% of the time I always would take it out and set it to the side for later, and just as I would do that, I get the Hiccups. We did not have any cigs here at all. That was fine for me, but when Frank went to work, it made it very hard on him.  That’s when what I believe to be another one of our “God” things happened and Frank had to stay home for a couple of days until his personal issue was repaired.( To me , that was God’s way of intervening until he knew Frank was past the risky part)  Now, he goes back to work and it is very awkward for those who are former smokers. We used that time to de-stress, now if you do go outside there, GAG, the smells are horrendous! On one hand you miss that deep inhale, yet on the other when you walk right by someone who just put one out or at the community ashtray, well that kind of cures us for a bit.  So for today, so far so good.

WoooooHooooo, 1 Month Today!! (6-13-09)

According to my little quit meter online, I have not smoked 568 cigarretts and have save $86 dollars.  Now beleive me , my stats are based on low end numbers. I low-balled the numbers that I submitted in my quit- meter. The one I use is a free download it is called  It is just a little application that stays in the tray of your computer, when you got the urge to smoke, you pop up this little window

Four weeks, 10 hours, 55 minutes and 36 seconds. 569 cigarettes not smoked, saving $85.36. Life saved: 1 day, 23 hours, 25 minutes.

And this is what is displayed. In your mind you are like, wow I went this far , no Way do I want to loose all this time for nothing, or  disappointing  your family. So, to be truthful, yes it is still somewhat difficult to stick with this.I found myself thinking about them quite a bit this week. I think probably because there has been a great deal of stress this week . I have been keeping a few of those commit lozenges around. So when I “need” a fix, I can suck on one for a few and that gives me a little taste for it until the urges are gone,

Latest Update July 18th 2009

Over 2 months now!!! Yes, the desire still comes as you think about them in fleeting moments. You just have to make yourself do something else to keep busy. With me I found, I can not have a speck of a cigarrette in the house. No little peice, or a partial pack “just in case” , because I know it is there and it stays on my mind constantly until I talk myself into it. I know it doesnt solve anything or make any problems go away. Yet, when there is any typeof stressors, that is what I want to get to sooth my nerves out. And I KNOW it is all in my head. And HATE HATE HATE the fact that something like that can have such control over my thoughts.  But the good news is that it has been over 2 months now, and darn it, I still do miss it at times. I wish I was like those few people that have said, “I just put them down and never wanted them again.”  I think if someone was more “ready” than I was, and really wanted to quit from the get go, it probably would have worked great for them. I think that is what I have to do to make this easier on myself is to “want” to quit.

Well obviously, since I posted about the success of the E-Cig, then that should tell you that THIS method did not stick.

With the Electronic Cigarette, I can genuinely say, I have no desire to EVER go back to regular analog cigs..

My Husband and I both quit in March. My date was March 15, 2011, My Husband’s was March 16, 2011..


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