E-Cig 101

Categories & Models

As can see from a few examples below, there are a lot of varities of these.


1. Super-Minis

2. Minis*-

3. Penstyles

4. Cigars and Pipes

5. Mods

6. Fat Batts

1. The Super-Minis – the smallest e-cigs (84–103 mm), the same size and shape as a king-size or 100s analog cigarette. Because of that, these often are initially appealing to current smokers. However, since they necessarily have a small atomizer and battery (90-120 mAh), they are not nearly as effective as any of the following categories. All but the RN4081 have exposed bridge atomizers.

Some Model examples would be:

  • 84 mm (the smallest e-cig): the DSE084 (aka 8084) shown at the top of the group photo below (courtesy of Nikko Daniels of ECF).
  • 89 mm (about the size of a regular filtered analog): Models include the Joye306a, the M403, and the silver & black blu shown in that photo.
  • 98 mm (about the size of a 100s analog): Models (not shown in the photo) include the Joye306 (aka Janty Mini Fogger) and the M402. [NOTE: Although the 306 and 306a batteries are low capacity, the 306 atomizer is becoming increasingly popular for use with 510-based models (such as the eGO), with which it is compatible.]
  • At 103 mm, the DSE103 and the RN4081 (often sold as Smoking Everywhere Gold or Njoy Npro) are the longest super-minis, and close in length to the shortest model in the next category.

The Minis – mid-length (108–118 mm), a bit longer than a 100s analog. They strike an optimum balance between effectiveness and ease of handling … and therefore are extremely popular. The two shortest models have exposed wick attys; the others are unexposed.


  • The white and tan model in the above group photo – the DSE108 (guess what length it is).
  • The 108 mm M401 (the next one down, black with gold design, although such color and design are selectable).
  • Next, the black unit with a button (also shown at the left of group 2 in the photo at the top of the page) – the 112 mm Joye 510 (the most popular among forum members). It offers outstanding vapor production and its manual switch battery is the most reliable of any cigarette-shaped model, putting you in full control of the vaping experience. Its only downside is its 180 mAh battery, requiring frequent recharging. It is because of this that the Fat Batts (see the 6th category) were created, the first several of which have been based on the 510 atomizer.
  • The silver & red unit in the photo at the top of the page – the 117mm cartomizer-based KR808D-1 (often sold under the brand names: Vapor King, Cig Easy, Nebula) is the simplest and most convenient model, with a powerful, relatively high capacity battery.
  • The silver unit at the bottom of the above group photo – the 118 mm DSE901 (the longest of the Minis, but much shorter than the next category) was one of the very first e-cigs. This tried and true model, until recently, typically was the one most often recommended for the new vaper and still is a very good choice, especially for those wanting an automatic battery. The RN4075 model is virtually identical, but has a low-bridge wick.

The Penstyles: the longest type (155 mm), the same size as a…pen (and also one of the very earliest models). It has a 280 mAh battery, providing 55% more puffs per battery charge than the Minis (other than the KR808D-1). It is my personal favorite.

Models include: DSE801, RN4072, Joye302, BE112 (all of which are compatible and identical in appearance) and the M201 and Janty Kissbox. The 801 has a high-bridge wick atty; the others (I believe) are low-bridge.

There also are models not falling neatly into the above by-length niches:

4. Those that mimic the two other tobacco smoking devices: Cigars (shown in the group photo at top of page) – rechargeable or disposable – and Pipes. If you are a cigar or pipe smoker, these are the obvious choices. However, they are not nearly as effective as the next three categories and are dwindling in popularity. [NOTE: Since the rechargeable cigars and pipes are battery housings for generic batteries, they could be included in the next category, although they are not considered as such.]

And then there are the Mods: Unique battery housings for high-mAh and/or high-voltage generic batteries for use with previously mentioned atomizers and cartomizers.  most mods are large and tubular, but some are relatively small, some are box-shaped, and others are just…strange-looking.

The “Fat Batts” – my name for a new category, the first example of which was the Joye eGO (also sold as the Tornado) – a unique battery designed for the Joye 510 atomizer, with an accompanying cone sleeve for the atty and a silver ring with manual button in the center. Also added is a button protector that either reveals or covers the button to prevent accidental button depression. \The result is a PV 14 mm in diameter and 118 mm long, i.e., about 50% fatter than the 510 mini, but only slightly longer. The battery is 650 mAh – significantly greater than any of the skinny e-cig batts – and providing most of the advantages of a mod in a much smaller package. Its 3.4V is only slightly more then the 510 battery’s 3.2V.

This what Frank & I just got, and it is awesome. We even like the

weightyness of how it fits in our hand.

Other fat batts have followed. For the 510 atty: the 750 mAh Riva and 1300 mAh Hello 16 … and mega versions of the eGO/Tornado (the 900 mAh mega eGO and the larger 1000 mAh mega Tornado). For the KR808D-1 cartomizer and 901 atty: the 750 mAh 3.5V Elegant Easy.