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 Amazon Market- Daily Free Aps

Did you Know that Amazon gives away FREE Aps Daily? They rotate each day, so make it a routine to come back everyday. Sometimes they are repeated for free, but not that often. Otherwise the price is generally just a few bucks. But there is a huge list of Free Aps for Android!!


  American Idol, Saints Vs Sinners

The American Idol Producers are some pretty smart cookies.  Thinking of last years finalists, well one of them anyways, was certainly not you average all American Boy. Adam Lambert thrives on providing fans a certain Shock Factor. I am not saying that is a bad thing, as I am a huge Fan of Adam Lambert and enjoy all of his performances.  BUT, others in My home did not. Which when I think about it, probably the way the general American People felt as well. You either loved him or hated him.  There were many parts of Him that could be considered controversial. The way he dressed, the way He sang, His sexual preferences, and some even mentioned His similarity to the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley, could cause issues with some people.  So Lambert brought a lot of money into the American Idol Branding….  So they decide, this year, We are going to go All American, down to Earth, Sweet, Wholesome innocence..  Both of the 2011 Finalists fit into this category.. They will be liked by the  Public across the board from Great Grandmothers to Tweens, Pastors to . Well, you get the idea.. A win win situation for the Fans, Contestants and American Idol overall. All you have to do is scan the comments over the different Forums. You will see, “Aww, they both are so sweet”, “Either one of them could have won and I would be happy”, “Best Idol yet”, etc.. as opposed to last years Love/Hate controversy.  Many couldn’t stand what was being portrayed as an American Idol. Words stating, never to watch he Show again..Or, What was the name of the Guy who won?

The Talent pool was amazing this year going way back to their Top 12 /13 Finalists. It was hard to find just 1 who dominated. The Show did a great job of Spoofing either their own mistakes & Bloopers along with America’s. The Skits, Songs and Videos made the Season’s Upsets more palatable for Everyone.

Idol learned that theory of catching more flys with Honey, than Controversy, brings more viewers , which , in turn, leads to more money.  You say , “How can AI influence this when it is the American Public that votes. Well let’s see? This year, 2 of the youngest contestants, which with the age qualifications, were just aadjusted this year to allow them to be so young. The comments made by the Judges themselves can influence voters. Such as Randy saying, “You are in it to win it!”,or” I think you may have just performed yourself out of this competition”, or “Wow!! THAT is the sound of America’s next American Idol!”  Song choices offered, or selected for. Clips that are shown of tears and tenderness to win the Public over.  Now, I’m not saying the voting is rigged or miscounted, but there are certainly ways of influence.  This year, had an all around softer side, from the Finalists and the new line up of Judges. 

Even down to the end, Scotty McCreery still gives Thanks to God first, “Without Him, none of this would have been possible”. But Scotty did have to put in a mention to the runner up Lauren Alaina, wording about the two of them being together from a year ago when they met at Auditions.

So, how many of us heard His words as “We’ ve been together for a year, and We’ll continue to be together”… Forever…. Amen”   A George Straight tune pops into My head.

 Tarts,Soap, jewelry


Our Trip to Women of Faith in Tampa

Even getting to this was nothing short of God’s Miracles.  It had been about 3 years since i was able to go to one of these events.  I was either in the midst of having problems with my Multiple Sclerosis, or financially just could not afford to go. This as it looked, didn’t seem like it was going to be any different. We had just recently learned that the Company my Husband worked for was laying everyone off. The Employees were all given either a 30 or a sixty day notice. Luckily, he was in the sixty day group. Those days soon passed, and lead to thirty more. Unfortunately as of right now, only two weeks remain, but this is another story.  The time has come for the Annual WOF (Women of Faith) Conference. This year it is twice as far from my home as usual, it is in Tampa. This makes it even harder, because if there was some way to get the money together for this, I would not be able to come home in between days but instead would also have to have a hotel room.

This is something my Daughter- In-Law and I had been discussing how much we wanted to attend this, but they were in the same boat we were.  I had been in contact with a friend of mine from Church to see if maybe any tickets had been ordered, that could no longer be used. But, so far at this time, no such luck. She later put me in contact with on of God’s Angels and as I spoke to her about getting a ticket from her, I relayed our story. She so graciously blessed us with 2 tickets. Nothing but pure excitement as I later shared that info with My DIL. At the time, she had no idea who I was. later when I met with her to get the tickets, it turned out, we all knew each other . Even the story behind the Hotel was just as awesome. We were willing to sleep in the car as we were thankful to even be going at all. As I search to find us a place to stay, I am contacted by another one of God’s Angels. She not only gifted us with a room to stay, but tickets also for the pre-conference, which is something I had never been able to attend. Now of all places, this happened to be at the same hotel that the rest of our group from Church, the friend who helped us with the tickets, and it was right across from the St. Pete Times Forum where the Conference was being held. This was so amazing because since my MS has effected certain areas of my cognition along with constant pain, I was scared to be driving around in a place as big as Tampa. Especially, because I usually choose not to drive any long distances at all.  But, I would have attempted to do anything to be able to go to WOF.  The first day was a somewhat smaller setting. While still in the forum, it had maybe 1/4 of the people, and seats were first come first basis. Katie and I sat 2 rows from the stage. Never ever have I been able to sit so close. And wouldn’t you know I forgot my Camera that day. But I have memories, and amazing ones they are.  Sandy Patty shared her touching stories with us, and sang with her beautiful voice. No other person have i ever heard that can sing in the low range and then immediately follow it with the amazing operatic high notes. Her singing will give you goose bumps or in her case God Bumps. I can not wait to hear her perform at Carnegie Hall with the New York Pops orchestra on December 18th. What an angelic Christmas Concert this will be. I can only imagine how uplifting that would be. Her dynamic voice combined with the spirituality of Holiday Music would be a once in a lifetime gift. Oh to be rich. But, I imagine those tickets are probably long gone already.

Another amazing voice is that of a former American idol contestant, Mandisa.Here is a small example of her electrifying performance at WOF. Mandisa. Here is the link to it, until I can figure out how to get it posted directly here.

Yes, that is me you hear in the background. I was so drawn in , as were thousands of other women, it just couldn’t be helped.

There will be more I am adding to this at a later time.

Life’s A Pitch And Then We Buy.

IN a Make It or Break It Society, Right now, We Feel The Breaks.

As I just finished watching a repeat of the 2006 World Music Awards, I am brought to tears. This is the first time I have cried over The King of Pop’s recent death, but tonight, just piled on too much. I am beginning to break as I watch the awards. Now it is time for the news. The First thing that comes on the news is the terrible tragedy  of  a 9-foot albino Burmese python that got out of its cage overnight last night  and slithered into a 2-year-old girl’s bed where it bit and squeezed the small child to death. This is such a visually violent act. We can only picture in our minds what this looked like, much less what the parent must have seen and felt when he found the child this morning. Ok, more tears, go to change the channel here.  And I end up on the Discovery Chanel at a show we saw for the first time last week and really enjoyed it. It is called Pitchmen. It is about two famous pitchman who are household names and faces as we are spoon fed infomercials like Oxy Clean, Slap Chop, and the Nemesis of the Ever popular Sham wow, the Zorbies..  Wait, Oh no, One of these pitchmen is Billy Mays. It was a week ago today that we discovered that BIlly had just passed away as well. We had just seen him on the News the day before as we learned that He had just arrived in Tampa the day before and because of technical error of the front landing gear. This less than smooth landing caused the overhead compartment to open upon impact ejecting luggage out and hitting Mays in the head.  This brought about questioning if this could have something to do with his sudden unexplained demise. It was reported that it was not caused from the luggage incident.

Yes, We buried Farah Fawcett yesterday, but we had been preparing ourselves for this, as she passed away from Cancer. So while it was a very sad day, we were somewhat prepared.  But, the death of Micheal Jackson, 2 year old Shania Hare, and lastly Billy Mays.  All these oddities somewhat fall into place as we hear a saying on TV by Billy himself. The familiar one is Life’s a Bit** and then we die. Billy’s version, “LIfe’s a Pitch and Then We Buy”

Are you tired of your computer going so slow? I recently found something that has made such a huge difference, I will never go back again.  We no longer use Internet Explorer, We now only use FireFox! Let me tell you it is like starting your computer again with a clean sweep. Now there are a few things you can do to “tweak” firefox, but they are fun and easy to search out and find through the add ons.  Yes, I am including a referral link, that I will receive a couple of points for referring someone, but I cross My Heart, Hope to Die, Stick a Needle in My Eye, that I am telling you the truth about how much better Firefox is.

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This weeks wordless Wednesday,

Wordless Wednesday

Back From Iraq

Back From Iraq

I cry every time I look at this. My Son Chris,  had been in Iraq for 18 months. This is when he saw his Sisters for the first time at his homecoming. There is just that look of relief and contentment.

Coffee Blog Button

Coffee, Coffee, Everywhere Which One Do You Drink?

Coffee dot com please

Coffee dot com please

Do you have a favorite brand of coffee?  Is it Dunkin Doughnuts, Starbuck’s, Seattle’s best, Gevalia, Boca Java, or McDonalds?? The list goes on and on. For some reason, everywhere  I look today, I am reminded of things to do with Coffee. I’m not sure why, but Ive seen contests,polls, lots of references to coffee. So why should I be any different? Well, I can’t help but be different, just because I am, but I suppose I am alike as well.  Wow, in just the few minutes of sitting here and writing this, I have seen two references on Tv for coffee. One is the new McDonalds McMocha, Mc Cafe or something or other.  I will say , I have tried one of these new coffee drinks and it was very good. It had had that nice strong taste that my Husband and I prefer. It was a little higher than I expected to pay, but in comparison to the Coffee  Geru, Starbucks, it was about .50 cents cheaper. Being it was at Mcdonalds, I just assumed it was going to be a lower price, but it seems that they are being the marketing genius they are by making these coffee drinks the reason people go there, rather than just a “side” item. I guess you could say a destination coffee run. As long as they stay consistent with the strong flavors and good quality, and good service, they will have a shot at doing it, in my opinion. For instance, how many of us have gone to say 5 different McDonalds and gotten 5 different experiences? For someone who is supposed to be so focused on their Cookie Cutter type of franchise training, there is  a great deal of differences involved. I’m sure many of you feel like we do by saying, “Oh that McDonalds, on so n so street, I never go to that one! I will drive over to the one on Main street before I will go there!” You know what I mean. Either they never get your order right, or have rude workers, or the food is cold. So if they can keep their new Premium Coffees consistent, I think they will do pretty good because they are so easily accessible.

Why do you suppose there is this big Coffee frenzy going on? I think it is all stemming around from the economy once again. Last year we heard Starbucks was going to close approximately 600 stores. This was right around the time when gas prices were close to $4.00 a gallon.  People felt guilty for spending the same amount on a cup of coffee that they would on a gallon of gas.  As gas prices are creeping up again, for some reason, we Americans don’t feel so guilty getting our coffee fix at McDonald’s rather than the stereo-typed Starbucks.


Warning: picture Below will make you..


Do you love looking at pictures and adding your own captions to them? Well, I do and they don’t have to be just pictures, we do voice overs on just about everything. I wanted to share the site with you hopefully the thoughts will start pinging in your head. If not, check a few out and let me know what you think.  The link is to my Profile. See how creative you can be either using their pics or uploading one of your own.  The best ones even get Homepage coverage. ICanHasACheezburger is the name of the site. Great name by the way. Have Fun

funny pictures

moar funny pictures

Told you so!!


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