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Jumeau – For The Distinction In You

What an amazing handbag

What an amazing handbag


I received a huge box at my door. At first, I had no idea where this was from until I saw the Jumeau logo on the side of the box. As I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find a tan cloth drawstring bag under all the packing materials.  It was rather large and when I opened it, I realized why.  Inside was my Toby style bag. I could not get over the feel of it’s heaviness. It has a sturdy feel and loads of details. Pockets Pockets and more Pockets.. If you are like me the more pockets the better.. Well let me tell you , this has pockets in every place that there can be pockets.  I load my purses up, so to me the bigger the better.. But in this particular case, this one is almost too big for me to use as an everyday purse. That is ONLY because I have Multiple Sclerosis and I find that my muscles are no longer as strong as they once were. The combination of the empt weight of this bag, and the stuff that I carry in it, it is a heavy bag.  I wish now that I had chosen a somewhat smaller style. I absolutely love how this bag is made, but just wish it is a little bit smaller. It is a 14 in. x 17 in. and 5 inches thick.. Empty.. For the quality and brand of this purse, I can tell you it will last you a very long time. The prices in comparison to other bags such as Coach or D&B, these are no where near as pricey, but in my opinion, these are  by far,

better made. They have tons more features with all the compartments and added features than the D&B I had last year. My D&B basically was just an opening with one small inside pocket. That is not the case with The Toby, there are so many pockets I had to get a routine of where I keep things so I didn’t loose them inside my purse.

To make it even better, those of you that are Greenies or Earth conscious, Jemeau Bags will fit right in. They use sustainable or recycled materials whenever possible.  This makes them Green friendly, and I feel better using them. They also have a 45 day 100% refund guarantee and a 5 year warranty. Now not if you rip it or burn a hole in it or something, but for a small charge they will repair it. When you purchase one of the Jumeau products you are buying in to  a partnership of sorts, so that you aren’t forgotten once you make your purchase .

As I was reviewing over the Jumeau Website, I realized why my Toby Style bag is actually in the Large bag category, as it it branded more as a Laptop Bag. This makes much more sense now. I really wish I had chosen a little smaller one. The next one I think I want is called the ZOE Style. Now my problem is deciding which color I would choose? Take a look and let me know what you think? I think my favorite would be??? I like the Razberry, but think I would choose the Olive, that way it would go with most everything. I wish they made it in the Houndstooth or Double JJ Pattern they use in the rest of the Institution Collection.

Now, that I discovered that my little Toby is designed with a Laptop in mind, I tried it out and now doubly pleased. I have absolutely no fear that my Laptop is in any type of danger from a shoddy carry bag.  Not only do I know my laptop is safe and secure, I now can carry it in style!


Main: NeauStop – next generation rip-stop fabric, wrinkle-free with soft exterior
Trim: Better than Leather – Abrasion resistant / fire resistant treated synthetic blend
Details: Antique Bronze Hardware; Jumeau pattern premium nylon liner

Features and Specifications:

– Medium / Large Shoulder Bag
– Triple top Magnetic / Zipper closure with Jumeau Antique Bronze Pull-Tabs and Accent Hardware
– Quick access front magnetic pocket, double front flat pocket, Back zipper pocket
– Internal zipper pockets with full organizer
– Internal Laptop Sleeve with Document Holder
– Detachable Adjustable woven Shoulder Strap
– Protective Shell Storage Bag
– 1151 Grams // 40.6 Ounces
– 14 x 17 x 5 inches // 36 x 43 x 13cm

Its a large bag

Its a large bag

I told you there would also  be some  blog posts and contests from Other Great writing Mom’s besides yours truly here,

Most of these are Links to Other Blogger’s contests, articles and Links.

Not for another 1000 years

Today an event will happen, but will not happen again for another 1000 years.

Here it is: Watch the Time this afternoon   12:34:5.6 7/8/9


Have you heard about FIREFOX yet???

I only learned about it  about 6 months ago, and it has made a huge difference in my  computer.

It is almost like it erases the clogged up air filter and puts in a nice new clean one.

The Speed is so much better since we quit using Internet Explorer. And I have yet to have found anything

that did not work because we no longer use Internet explorer. Here is my referral link,

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ice cream giveaway

I scream, You Scream, We all Scream for ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!

Ok,  what do we do for Ice cream All Year Long???

(_/_) (_\_) (_/_) We do the Happy Dance!!!!!

Ok, What about if it is Free all year Long??????

Well  that won’t ever happen if we don’t go to the Dates to Diapers website to enter!!


This one is from Keeping up with M.O.M.



UPDATE:!!!!!! June %th, 2005: From Mr Kutcher as posted on Twitter

End hunger vid looks gr8. need 1 thing; webcam vids of U all say’n things like “No one should go hungry!” send 2

You might not be, but did you know that 9.8 Million American’s will struggle today to get a solid meal together today alone.

That is 1 out of Every 8 Americans!

A large US corporation would be willing to donate 10 million US dollars worth of products in US food aid. You can help Ashton Kutcher and his team create a viral video to increase awareness on the hunger issue and make this donation happen.

All you need to do is to record a video of you or your friends saying “Are you hungry?”, “Hungry?”, “You look hungry”, etc…

then looking at the camera and saying “Eat!” or “Go Eat!”

and finally a video of you or your friends eating something.

See this video by Ashton or this video by for detailed explanation.

Upload your videos to YouTube and tag them with “endhungernow” or send them over to endushunger [at] until Tuesday, June 2nd 2009.. All videos will be cut into a single viral video clip and posted online. That is only 4 Days Folks!!

Follow @aplusk, @mrskutcher and @FeedingAmerica on Twitter to get the latest updates about the campaign. Tweet about #HungerLimit, #Hunger and #USHunger to raise hunger awareness of your friends, colleagues and family members.

Visit online and contribute with a donation or become an advocate.

Free Chocolate Fridays

Starting at 9 am EST till midnight you can get your free single-size package of M&Ms, Milky Way, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Twix or Dove.

Just go to and fill out the registration form.

Each Friday the free chocolate will go faster and faster as more people find out about it.  You can win up to 4 times! You should receive your coupons by mail in approximately 6 weeks after winning them.

Free Wendy’s Frosty BOGO Coupon

This coupon is good only for the Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty or the Frosty Cino

( We just got the Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty and let me tell you, lots of yummy pieces)

Who would love a Wendy’s Frosty right now? I would! For a limited time you can get your very own Buy One Get One FREE coupon. Enjoy!

Please double-check the Expiration Dates..

a giveaway everydayThis site offers a new prize every single day. And no, these are not just little old junky prizes either. Lots of ways to enter and stay informed of all their great free give aways!! So check out

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