Summer Party Themes

Summer Party Themes

Summertime is full of social gatherings from birthdays to weddings, there always seem to be a reason to celebrate.  With long days and warm nights, you’ll be looking for some new and creative ways to entertain this season.  Our party experts came up with some fantastic summer party themes.

Gardening Party

This is could be fun for the whole family.  Provide terra cotta pots for everyone and set up planting stations.  You can provide inexpensive plants like petunias or pansies or ask everyone to bring a few plants to share.  Provide potting soil and a few gardening tools for everyone to use.  You can set up a kids station and let them paint the pots or do their own planting.

Backyard Table Setting

Christmas in July

Why not bring the holiday spirit right into summer? Hang red and green lights on the deck and decorate the trees with ornaments. Pipe in some Christmas music to set the mood! Hand out stockings filled with summer inspired things like inflatable beach balls and sunscreen.  You can even serve Christmas cookies and all the traditional Christmas fare.  Grill up chicken and brush with a cranberry marinade.

Beach or Pool Party

Even if you don’t live on the beach or have a pool, you can still have a pool or beach party in your backyard.  Bring out the kiddie pool and sandbox.  Cut out surf boards from cardboard and stick them in the ground.  Play fun 60’s beach music and tell everyone to take their shoes off! Blow up plenty of beach balls to bounce around and consider setting up a volleyball set if you have one.

Vineyard Delight

Set up a beautiful table in the shade of a tree.  Play relaxing music and serve good cheese and fruit to compliment your wine selection. Incorporate a wine tasting game and encourage your guests to bring along their favorite vintage.

Barnyard Party

Set up the house and yard to feel like a barnyard dance.  You can get a few hay bales from a feed store and spread it around the yard.  Ask your guests to come in their best country attire.  Play square dance songs reserve an area just for dancing.  Incorporate some fun games like a pie eating contest or a potato sack race.  Serve up some fried chicken and grilled corn on the cob.  Finish the evening with some fresh baked apple pie!

Have a fabulous summer!  Hosting  a BBQ this season? Check out  great grilling ideas at PurpleTrail.


Home is Security and Comfort

Back From Iraq

Back From Iraq

You can see the relief of being finally Home from Iraq

as you can see in this picture of my Son Chris Mansfield as he gives two of his Sisters a long awaited hug.

Home can have a different meaning as many times as there are days a week. Some days drama, some days solitude, but in all ways everyday should be security and comfort.

Depending on what phase of your life you are in, may put a determination on “which” structure you call Home, but when you need to feel safe that is where you find it.

H- Healing =repairing both Emotionally & Physically

O – Oasis = A place for refilling or refuge

M – Memories = The best thing you can give your Children is  memories

E – Escape =  A place of retreat to hide away from Everything


A new must see movie

A new must see movie

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Yes, Raising Children is Tough, But At Least They Grow UP. Life, as we deal with aging Parents.

How many of us can remember at one time saying this.. When I get older, I will not be a burden to my kids… Ok, now think back to when your Parents were what your age is now. Do you remember hearing them saying something to that  effect? More often than not you have. You may have seen how they dealt with their Parents aging issues, or maybe even say some program on television and they make the comment that they would NEVER want to be a burden on their Child.  Then of course they may have said, and I have heard this many times from my Mother, “Whatever you do, do not just stick me away in some Nursing Home somewhere!” Now that are Parents are getting older, the time is coming around for the failing Health to be showing up . Or they actually might not even be that old yet, but they have either had physical ailments or “willed” themselves into being older than they really are. On the topic of willing themselves to be older is something I only recently have a theory about. I think in my Father’s case it is a little of both, but I feel he is leaning more on the side of making himself out older than he really is.  I truly feel that he is making himself out to be worse off than he is, and I feel that it is because he is wanting attention. Again, just like when kids act out sometimes. They do it because they want attention. In my Father’s case, he lives alone 20 mins. from us. He doesn’t have any friends. he doesn’t get out of the house except for the occasional run to the grocery or hardware store. We have tried to get him involved with Adult groups/Centers, but he has no desire too. He wants no part of doing anything like Church, heck it is like pulling teeth to get him to come out to the occasional Family Function. He might leave his house to come out for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think that is only because there is alot of food involved.  He does like it when I go out there to his house, but after a very few minutes, the silence kicks in. So then I feel guilty for the lack of conversation especially if we brought our Daughter with us/me. Then when the time comes to go, instead of being glad for the company, he makes me feel guilty for leaving.  Yes, it is because he is lonely, but he wants to do nothing to change that.  I don’t know how to correct the problem. He is letting himself deteriorate to the point where he is just waiting to die. He has gotten to the point he can hardly walk around because his muscles have just deteriorated. It is a chore for him to walk down his driveway to check his mail. He has falling issues, and if he does fall, he could be on the floor for hours before he gets up. Ive spoken with his DR., and he ordered Physical Therapy. They were out there for a few weeks until even the Therapist stated to the Dr. that he has improved as much as he is going to. He chose not to put an effort into doing the exercises other than when she was there for that hour. He would rather just get frustrated that he was getting old and going down hill.  I tried going out to his house a few times a week, but he just said what is the point it will not do any good.

After yet another fall, he stated he couldn’t live on his own anymore. So we moved him in with us. That was extremely hard on both of us. He was used to his way of doing things. We tried getting him involved in activities like going to the grocery store with us, or to our daughter’s soccer games, to my Husband’s Mother’s house for dinner, Etc. He might have gone to one, but the rest of the time all he did was choose to sit in the recliner and watch TV. Then complain he was tired of watching TV.  He treated me like a servant. I would have to make his breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then it got to the point, he would look at the plate when I gave him his food. If he approved, he would take it and eat it, if not, I would get this silence, which would probably lead to maybe one or two bites then just set it aside. If I didn’t offer something for him to drink, would sit there and be thirsty. I actually did this one day, just to see what he would do. I finally brought him something to drink that evening, and he says,’That is the first thing I have had to drink all day.” Inside I was livid, but I calmly said to him (for the 30th time), Daddy you know where everything is, you can get up and get stuff for yourself. He would say yea I know, but it was just in one ear and out the other. Because, he still just sat in that recliner, Until….. Night time came. He would take a sleeping pill (prescription) at 7ish at first. Then, he started taking it as early as 6 pm., saying it took a while for it to kick in. Usually within 15 minutes of eating dinner, he went to bed. Then 3/4 of the night he is up and down, getting a glass of water, wanting something to snack on, trying to sleep in the recliner, then to the couch, to the bathroom etc.. walking by the computer room then make comments the next day about me not sleeping. One time, I left to go run an errand, but my Husband stayed at home. He told me that I wasn’t gone 5 minutes and Daddy was up walking upright and steady to the other room to get a snack out of the second fridge.  Just scatting around like nothing.Why would he claim to be practically an invalid, yet get along 100% better than I have seen in a long time. Yes, I am guessing for attention, but I just do not understand why he would make it out to be so much worse?

What is the end result when you find yourself in the position of re- raising your Parent? Sigh, certainly is not growing up.

Celebrating with Grampa

Celebrating with Grampa

As we look back at the years of when we raised our children, we looked forward to the time when we were finally going to be able to enjoy our lives, our freedom. We had it in the back of our heads that this would all be worth it one day. We had lots of things to look forward to as they get older, such as graduation, marriage, grandkids, but most of all you can look back at the fact that you completed your job. Now it is your turn to enjoy things in life for yourself. You no longer have to always do the right thing and put your children first. You are finally allowed to be a little selfish an do things for yourself for a change. You can plan a vacation to where it is nothing but what you want to do. Especially if you have a significant other, in my case it would be my Husband. I went through a few bad Marriages before I finally found the right mate. Through all of them though, I kept my kids first. Now that the kids are almost grown out of the house, I can begin to be selfish and plan a future for myself and my Husband. We were so excited that we were finally going to go do something that we knew we would love. We love being Rockhounds, and looking for treasure. We were planning our trips around good digging spots, beautiful scenic areas we wanted to see, or just find a place where there was peace and quiet. Most kids do not like these kinds of things, they want Disney, Water Parks, things that were exiting.  We spend all our time entertaining or occupying our children till we come to the day where we can stand back and say, It’s finally our time… Guess again.  Sometimes it creeps up on you out of the blue or sometimes you see it coming but you just don’t want to face it. Until, you don’t have a choice. Not a choice that you can live with yourself on. You have to start all over again, but this time it is in reverse. Now it is time to take care of your Parent.  You go through so many emotions it is that roller coaster all over again. But this time when your job is done you cant stand back and say look what I did, and I did a Damn good job. Now,you don’t think to yourself that you have an end in sight to where you can once again be selfish, because if you do , you looking forward to your Parents demise. What kind of horrible person would you be if you thought like that?  So, you clench your jaws, bite your toungue and deal with whatever it may be that is going on at the time.  These feelings will pass when you walk by your parent sitting in that chair (that they never seem to get out of) and they grab your arm and give it a shake with a greatful grin on their face. Or a “thank you sweety” when you bring them their dinner, which for sure would have never been gotten if you hadn’t have done it for them, the uptight feelings will subside, at least for now anyways. It is the right thing to do, you keep telling yourself. You know there is no way they can live on their own anylonger. Nor, would you be able to live with yourself if you chose the other option of putting them in a home. Then someone suggests those assisted living facilities to you. It is  a thought, until you think about bringing it up to them. Or until you look into a little more and you find that in order for Medicare to cover the expenses of this, they have to be almost broke and homeless. Yes,  they can transfer their assests out of their name into someone elses, then what? First, the State goes back 3 years looking into their financial History, so you know you have to continue your life as it is for at least another 3 years. How will I ever be able to manage that? Now, you have to approach them about transferring everything they have worked for in life into your name or whomever else. In my case I am an only child, so there is no other option besides me. The longer it takes, the longer time it will be over the 3 years. So when you do approach them, what goes through their minds? Do they now feel like they are a burden even more than what they were feeling becasue you are going to “put them in a home” No matter what you say or how you word it, this is what they are going to hear.  Even if  you decide that your not going the route of transferring their assests out of their name, How are they going to feel when everything they worked and saved for during their lifetime, will now be gone over a very small period of time?  Now is the time we wish we could just climb back in bed and pull the covers over our heads and hope it will all just go away.  Oh my goodness, did you just hear what you said? What kind of horrible person would think that way?

Latest Thoughts – Summertime Blues

“I’M Bored Mom”

“How can you be bored already, school just got out on Friday?”

“I know,  but I’m still bored There’s nothing to do.”

“Well, then go find something to do!”

“There isn’t nothing for me TO do, that isn’t boring”

“Ok, then I will find you something to do! Go clean your room!”

“Mooooom, Gosh, I just got out of School, I’m supposed to just Chillax and do Nuthin!”

Arggggggggggh, I am going to pull my hair out already! It’s not like she is a 7 or 8 year old, She will be 14 in just a few weeks. I knew this was going to happen, normally just staying home for the weekend is like pulling teeth. So now, we are walking around the house with our lip out so low, we can sweep the floors while we are walking. But the inevitable will soon be heard, Mom, can I call So and So? Well, by this time your floors are about as clean as they are going to get, so in an almost sense of relief you quickly agree because you know what will be soon to follow behind.  Then we as parents do this flip flop thing in our heads when they ask, “Can I go over to so n so’s house?” Our first knee jerk reaction is almost one of defiance. “Why, your NOT going to stay the night over there!” We declare to prove out authority. Why we do this, I have no idea. Yet when we step back and look at it, we don’t mind really, it will give her something to do. And if we are in an extremely good mood, we tell them right from the beginning, “Sure, its OK, as long as it is ok with her Mom. Why do we do this power play thing? Does it stop at just our kids, or do we bring this over into the rest of our lives?  My opinion is that it spills over into our lives. For instance, if you wanted to hit your boss up for a raise, or you wanted to get your spouse to Ok something you really really wanted, what do we do? We wait until the time is right. We prepare the situation ahead of time, butter them up per say. Not all the time does this happen. But I bet if every person really turned that mirror on them selves and really looked deep, you would find that it is true. Heck, many Husbands do the same thing when they want to have a little Grown Up time with their wives. They butter her up, or prepare the situation.  Of course, that does backfire quite a lot according to men. Their wife just accused them of doing something wrong, “Wow these flowers are Beautiful!, What did you do?” Then that leads to the anger part. “What do you mean, what did I do? Can’t I just do something nice for you because I love you?”, He declares. When deep down inside he didn’t do anything wrong, but he was sure “Hoping” he could.

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MTV Movie Awards – Was It Real or Set Up?

Ok, so many of you watched the MTV Movie Awards last night.  My first reaction was OMG was he ever P***ed off!  To me, he really looked mad, and the audience looked shocked. Heck I would be ticked off too if it were me. Some people are saying it is a set up, others are saying that it is for real.  I noticed back towards the beginning of it, when Bruno, the winged one, collides with the set that is in the way, it appears that a cord or something that was holding him upright, does snap. Which is what they say was the onset of the malfunction.  But, the fact that the camera just “happens” to pan down to Eminem and his crew who are looking up at Bruno out of hundreds of other people there?Hmm?   Well to me it was a Flash Back to Superbowl 38 , where the supposed “wardrobe Malfunction ” of Janet Jackson comes to mind. Which ironically was created by MTV as well.  MTV promised the Superbowl Fans a Shocking surprise.  You tell me, accident or set up?

So when you look at the photo blur of a close up of the exposed breast,

Janet Jackson's oops

Janet Jackson's oops

( I tried to keep it R-rated) First if this wasn’t “planned” then when you look at the photo, you will see the actual snaps that were put on it to come unsnapped when Justin pulled it. Also, even though it is blurred, you can still make out the ornamental jewelry of a sun that Janet wore over her nipple. Hard to believe that it was just  there with out the intention of being exposed. Puh lease.

Oh, and then there was the “other” surprise of the lip lock between Brittany Spears and Madonna.  We viewers should be prepared for just about anything by now. So you guys watch the video again , or maybe it is your first time seeing this, but either way, here is the MTV Movie Awards Video with

MTV Shows

Leave a comment to let us know what You think!

PurpleTrail Design Gallery

PurpleTrail Design Gallery <<<Click this link for a most outstanding Announcement!!

Get ready for a special surprise from PurpleTrail  very soon next week!!

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games

As I look at the cute little construction paper cut out of a lady bug hanging on my refrigerator. It dawned on me that I had a Baby Shower to go to next weekend.  I tried to sit back and think of when my kiddos were little.   I only remember having one shower out of the 3 babies. But I have been to a few of them.  You need to take in consideration of your guests that are coming. There are the Game players, or there are those who would rather just sit back in the corner and watch.  Me being an extrovert, well you can guess what type of game player I would be. If  your guests, and of course , mommy to be are a little more Game Friendly, here is a list of a few I found on this amazing Evite website called The PurpleTrail

Name That Nursery Rhyme This is great especially when the New Addition may be having their rooms decorated with Nursery Rhymes.

Help to get the new parents to be up to speed with their nursery rhymes before the baby arrives!  This game is a hit for people of all ages.  We all remember nursery rhymes from our childhood…but just how well to we remember them?  Everyone will enjoy the trip down memory lane that this game provides.  Visit the PurpleTrail Printable Games store to download this game.

Mom Lib – These are always a blast to do. (You might want to add a small reference key if there is a chance your guests don’t know what for instance adverb, adjective, etc.. is. This can save some emberassment later)

Here’s a great little Mad Lib story about Mom-to-be’s Baby Shower day! Break the guests up into teams and have each team create their own unique Mad Lib and watch the fun begin. Optional ending game included for Mom’s who are adopting.  Give each team a work sheet to fill in the word description, without looking at the story. Then the team fills in the story using those same words; and they get a chance to read their crazy creation! Visit for a printable version of this game.

Baby Pictionary  You can modify the rules of this game to fit many different ideas, keep in mind if there is a Theme to the Party.

This game is based upon the original Pictionary board game. Before the shower, place words relating to baby activities and items on small cards. (eg: Changing a diaper, giving birth, feeding time) At the shower, create teams and give each one a pad of paper and pencil. Let one member of the team see a card, then tell then to draw the word or phrase for their partners to guess. Use a timer or just play until someone guesses. When the time is up, the teams total up the number of words they have guessed correctly and the one who has the most wins a prize.

Who Am I? Baby Shower Survey  If everyone knows the Mommy and her Family  really well, someone could even fill it out for the “Baby Daddy” or Siblings.

How well do you really know each other? Take this secret survey and have the Mom-to-be read the answers as the guests try to figure out Who’s Who! A great ice-breaker, even for groups who think they know everything about each other! Check out the printable version at

Baby’s Beautiful Reflection

Is Baby going to be a “chip off the old block,” or a “beautiful reflection” of Mom? Let the laughter roar as guests try to decide which skill or trait Mom and Dad will say they want baby to inherit from them. Great game to play individually or at a couple’s shower.  How to Play: Looking at a list of traits, players mark an X for either Mom or Dad – depending on whom they think Mom wants baby to inherit that trait from. At the same time, Mom is marking her answer sheet with whom she wants baby to inherit that trait from. For a couples shower, split the men into a different group and let Dad mark his answer sheet separately.

Complete the Book Title:  Dr. Seuss Books

This is a great game to play at a baby shower.  Everyone will love reminising about their favorite Dr. Seuss book, and the Mommy-to-be will get to hear all about the books she will soon be reading!  There are so many great book titles – how many will you be able to complete?  Visit the PurpleTrail printable games store to download this game.

Be sure to check out all of PurpleTrail’s baby shower printable games.

The Dangers of Steroids

This is something all of those who have or know someone with Multiple Sclerosis need to pay close attention to!! Well Drs treat MS patients all the time like its nothing with a potentially dangerous drug, steroids. That’s about the only thing they do use on us MSers when we have flare ups!! Whether it be a bout of optic neuritis, or our legs go numb, or our speech gets slurred or anything thats causing a spell. That’s the first thing drs do, Probably because they don’t know of anything else, or do they??!!! They treat us with 3 or 5 days of IV courses of solumedrol, AKA steroids!!!! and there’s no telling how many or how few of these it will take to cause us to develop in Cushings Syndrome ????I was told by one Doctor that, it would take a huge amount of Steroids to cause this. They were treating me with 1000 milligrams of solumedrol every month because I couldn’t take any of the injectables, and then with every flare or every thing that happened with my MS they would give me more steroids. WELL I found out the hard way , that it doesn’t take a huge amount of steroids to cause this painful disease caused Cushings disease/Syndrome. Which I now have as well. Its called exogeneous Cushings disease. Take a little time and look this up. I am so wrecked now from this, and, can not be treated by steroids anymore either. So I have no idea what will happen upon my next flare. I look and feel miserable. I also developed DVT Deep vein thrombosis, aka Blood clot. So that lead to taking coumadin and weekly blood draws through my port till we can get the blood levels right. It was always inconsistent numbers for some reason. So after another DVT scan, it looks as though the Blood Clot is gone, but I am told by the Oncologist as long as I have the port, I will remain on blood thinners. I went up to the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville and after months ot overnight trips and dozens of tests run, we finally get a few answers, but not to what I thought in my mind would have happened. I was told, yes I had Cushings Syndrome which was caused from the excessive Solumedrol. There was nothing we could do about it besides stay away from Steroids, and it will eventually get out of my system, but will comeback if I have to take steroids again. (Remember, that is how they treat MS Flare ups) I either have to go through this again, or just wait out the Flare up and wait for it to run it’s course. And as far as treatment for my MS, there is nothing else they can do besides treat the symptoms as they occur. I was hoping that when I went up there, they would have a miraculous cure and would make all of this go away.. Not~ Please, please warn others about how this can happen to them from too many of these 3 day IV solumedrol treatments as well. Drs use this like candy to treat our MS, and the resulting Cushings is miserable! . and there’s no telling how many or how few of these it will take to cause us to develop Cushings disease???? Someone HAS to make it known…. Ive got to get to Montel!! LOL I know I may be guinea pig on this, but it needs to be known what may end up happening to so many Msers in the long run? Not only the pain and aggravation of Ms, but I wouldn’t wish Cushings on anyone. Its as you can see an ever changing disease. I found that out just from rubbing hydrocortizone on my hands for a few days when I had a rash… dumb idea.. Hey, idiotic me didn’t even think it was a steroid!! I found out different the next morning. If you use steroids at all, look up Cushings Syndrome, it’s worth your time. I cant get the photos to line up like I wanted to, but I think you can figure out that they are backwards chronologically. You can see how quickly these changes occurred. One Dr. thought I was just putting on weight and needed to exercise. He couldn’t explain the hump on my back or extreme puffyness of my face, the blueish lines on my back and chest, or lastly the pain.. I so many times can just look at someone and tell if they have Cushings. I do not understand why there is so little information on this out in the world. Yet, if you go online, there is tons of info on it. I wonder how many people that have illnesses like asthma or Rheumatoid Arthritis and being treated with Steroids now have this Cushings Syndrome complicating things. I am sure there are people walking around who have it and have all the symptoms, but Dr’s are leading them to believe it is all in their head. I sincerely hope this article just might help someone.

Taken in February, Huge difference

Taken in February, Huge difference

April 12, 2007

April 12, 2007
April,8 2007

April,8 2007

April 4, 2007

April 4, 2007

April 6, 2007

April 6, 2007

This was taken October of 2006

This was taken October of 2006

10 Father’s Day Celebration Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up and that means it’s time to do what Dad wants to do! Make sure the Dad in your life feels appreciated and loved on his day. Whether it’s a family BBQ, a day at the golf course or maybe just a relaxing day of whatever Dad chooses, here are 10 ideas to help make this Father’s Day great.

1. Surprise Adventure- Plan a daytrip to one of his favorite places or somewhere he’s always wanted to check out. Leave little hints like “pack your swimsuit” or “bring your golf clubs” then head out for the day!
2. Backyard BBQ- Nothing is as fun as a great BBQ with all Dad’s favorite foods and his favorite people, his family! Put together a menu of his favorites and bring out the boce ball. If your Dad likes to be the grill master, let him show off his grilling greatness. Otherwise, give Dad the day off. Plan a family friendly game of croquet, badmitten or boce ball. Check out this delicious double cheddar cheese burger recipe.
3. Dad’s Day Out- If your Dad loves to hit the links, set up a tee-time for him and few friends and let him enjoy this Father’s Day playing a round of golf at his favorite course. If possible, arrange to have a lunch with his favorite frosty beverage pre-paid for him at the 19th hole.
4. Father’s Day Olympics- For those sport loving, competive natured dads, plan a day of “Olympic” style events like a relay race, water ballon toss, and strong man competition! You can even make gold, silver and bronze medals to bestow upon the top three athletes of the day.
5. Breakfast in Bed- Let Dad sleep in and bring him a delicious breakfast in bed. Everyone can help prepare the meal. Take a look at some of these breakfast recipes for inspiration.
6. A Show of Appreciation- Put on a show for Dad! Each family member can act out their favorite thing about Dad. If he has a good sense of humor, think of it as a light hearted “roast” for him. Or, you can let each person present their gift to Dad and let him know how much you appreciate him. For craft ideas check PurpleTrail’s homemade Father’s Day gift ideas.
7. Family Photo- If the whole family is celebrating, why not seize the opportunity to update your family photos! Take several shots in various poses to capture the moment. Utilize a tripod so everyone can be included in the picture.
8. Car wash- Suprise Dad by getting the gang together to wash his car inside and out. He’ll be happy to cross it off his “to-do” list!
9. Game Tournement- If the weather is less than desirable and your celebration is indoors, pull out the family’s favorite board games. Games like charades or card games are also fun for everyone!
10. Picnic in the Park- Plan a gathering at your favorite local park or lake front. If combining your celebration with other families, coordinate a potluck with a few favorites for each of the Dad’s.

The most important thing is to let your Dad know what he means to you. If it’s by way of a simple card or a big party, just make sure to let him know you appreciate him. Afterall, without our dad’s, we wouldn’t be here! Happy Father’s Day!

PurpleTrail Free Evite Site with tons of Extras

PurpleTrail Free Evite Site with tons of Extras

Do you have a Birthday, Wedding or even a Graduation Event coming up? Do you know what kind of Theme you want to use, or have games in mind to play? Want a one of a kind Customized Invitation? Then you need to head over to PurpleTrail, there you will find Hundreds of Invitaions, or you can create one from Scratch. Find Games, Theme ideas, Menu hints and much much more. To make PurpleTrail even better? It’s Free, and No you won’t be bombarded by a bunch of Pop up Ads either. You do have the option of upgrading your membership. But with the Free version you still have hundreds of options available to you like, Up to 75 quest invitation Memory. You can send up to 500 Invitations out a Month!! Have a special meeting at work, A Church Function coming up, or even schedule a Golf Game for Dad on Father’s Day with a bunch of his friends. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Purple Trail

Purple Trail