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“I’M Bored Mom”

“How can you be bored already, school just got out on Friday?”

“I know,  but I’m still bored There’s nothing to do.”

“Well, then go find something to do!”

“There isn’t nothing for me TO do, that isn’t boring”

“Ok, then I will find you something to do! Go clean your room!”

“Mooooom, Gosh, I just got out of School, I’m supposed to just Chillax and do Nuthin!”

Arggggggggggh, I am going to pull my hair out already! It’s not like she is a 7 or 8 year old, She will be 14 in just a few weeks. I knew this was going to happen, normally just staying home for the weekend is like pulling teeth. So now, we are walking around the house with our lip out so low, we can sweep the floors while we are walking. But the inevitable will soon be heard, Mom, can I call So and So? Well, by this time your floors are about as clean as they are going to get, so in an almost sense of relief you quickly agree because you know what will be soon to follow behind.  Then we as parents do this flip flop thing in our heads when they ask, “Can I go over to so n so’s house?” Our first knee jerk reaction is almost one of defiance. “Why, your NOT going to stay the night over there!” We declare to prove out authority. Why we do this, I have no idea. Yet when we step back and look at it, we don’t mind really, it will give her something to do. And if we are in an extremely good mood, we tell them right from the beginning, “Sure, its OK, as long as it is ok with her Mom. Why do we do this power play thing? Does it stop at just our kids, or do we bring this over into the rest of our lives?  My opinion is that it spills over into our lives. For instance, if you wanted to hit your boss up for a raise, or you wanted to get your spouse to Ok something you really really wanted, what do we do? We wait until the time is right. We prepare the situation ahead of time, butter them up per say. Not all the time does this happen. But I bet if every person really turned that mirror on them selves and really looked deep, you would find that it is true. Heck, many Husbands do the same thing when they want to have a little Grown Up time with their wives. They butter her up, or prepare the situation.  Of course, that does backfire quite a lot according to men. Their wife just accused them of doing something wrong, “Wow these flowers are Beautiful!, What did you do?” Then that leads to the anger part. “What do you mean, what did I do? Can’t I just do something nice for you because I love you?”, He declares. When deep down inside he didn’t do anything wrong, but he was sure “Hoping” he could.

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MTV Movie Awards – Was It Real or Set Up?

Ok, so many of you watched the MTV Movie Awards last night.  My first reaction was OMG was he ever P***ed off!  To me, he really looked mad, and the audience looked shocked. Heck I would be ticked off too if it were me. Some people are saying it is a set up, others are saying that it is for real.  I noticed back towards the beginning of it, when Bruno, the winged one, collides with the set that is in the way, it appears that a cord or something that was holding him upright, does snap. Which is what they say was the onset of the malfunction.  But, the fact that the camera just “happens” to pan down to Eminem and his crew who are looking up at Bruno out of hundreds of other people there?Hmm?   Well to me it was a Flash Back to Superbowl 38 , where the supposed “wardrobe Malfunction ” of Janet Jackson comes to mind. Which ironically was created by MTV as well.  MTV promised the Superbowl Fans a Shocking surprise.  You tell me, accident or set up?

So when you look at the photo blur of a close up of the exposed breast,

Janet Jackson's oops

Janet Jackson's oops

( I tried to keep it R-rated) First if this wasn’t “planned” then when you look at the photo, you will see the actual snaps that were put on it to come unsnapped when Justin pulled it. Also, even though it is blurred, you can still make out the ornamental jewelry of a sun that Janet wore over her nipple. Hard to believe that it was just  there with out the intention of being exposed. Puh lease.

Oh, and then there was the “other” surprise of the lip lock between Brittany Spears and Madonna.  We viewers should be prepared for just about anything by now. So you guys watch the video again , or maybe it is your first time seeing this, but either way, here is the MTV Movie Awards Video with

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