Who’s BAD….. The Scammers Who Capitalize On The Death Of The King of Pop, That’s Who

Who’s Bad?  Too many to count As the majority of the World is thought to be mourning the Death of the Self Proclaimed “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. We find that is not necessarily true. Unfortunately, Celebrity deaths and Major News items are a Gold Mine for Criminals. While the Average person is now hitting the Internet for information about the event, we are enticed by the spammers to be lured right into their trap.  It was reported that Spam accounts for more than 90% of the emails being sent out. In particular after a major event such as the Death of Michael Jackson.  Jackson’s death came as a surprise to everyone, especially the spammers. But beware as time goes on their malicious programs will become more prominent.

One message searched out on the largest Search Engine looking for “the Last Work of M. Jackson” directs us to a You Tube Video, instead leads you to a password stealing program.  Or , say you are looking for unpublished photos, you are lead  to a click-able link that now installs a password stealing program on your PC. Others may actually have enough legitimate news to keep you drawn in before being led to the malicious link or page.

Celebrity deaths are a potential Gold Mine for criminals. Godaddy.com is a leading Domain registry company reported that about 7,500 domain names that can be related to the name of Micheal Jackson, just since his death. Farah Fawcett has had approximately 100. Your guess is as good as anyone else’ s right now as to the validity of them. Not all of these names are purchased with the intentions to create harm. Many of these are purchased in hopes of having a peaked price value of what they may be worth in the future.

Just for the thought of things here, if you have not deleted your old emails yet, go back and see how many “NEW” emails came in claiming to have exclusive information, or secret song lyrics, never before seen photos, or comments “quoted” as being the last known, of something..

These Spammers dwell on our vuneralability, our thirst for finding out gossip, or just the plain old fact of our being a nosey society.  We get so caught up in the news, that we just forget about, usual saftey habits we have in place.

With the dis-heartening about of Celebrity deaths that seem to have occured in such a short amount of time, it leaves us yearning for information as to why. Many people have decided to change the channels on our TVs away from the nightly news. One Mom I spoke with told me that “I am already depressed enough with what is going on in the world with this recession stuff that is going on. I don’t need anything else to scare me or get me upset, moreso than I already am.” That, now lessons “How” you get your information of Current Events.

So how do you protect yourself, or should I say your computer from catching a Virus? Do you see a similarity here to the practise of having Safe Sex? When in all reality, some of the same principles hold true in both instances.

Obviously, abstinance is the safest way to go. Either stay off the computer completely, but that is a little extreme. But you can stay away from “New” sites you have not been to on a regular basis. Received an Email from someone you don’t know? Don’t even sneek a peek at it, just delete it. It is possible for bad stuff to happen by just opening the Email. Ok, so you decide to open the email, “just in case” it is something important. You see a few things there, that have your curiosity up. The URL Link, or return address can either look familiar or seem harmless as it is a big name you hear all the time. Well, what you “see” and where it is going to take you can be 2 different things. For Example, say you have received an Email from let’s say
People Magazine . They are a big name, well known, so it should be harmless to click the link, right? WRONG! Take your mouse pointer and just place it over the the People Magazine Link. As your doing that look at either the bottom left corner under the email, or up in the browser bar. Does it say people Magazine? Nope, it says Bearablescents, my website. So you see how easy the “Bad Guys” can show you one thing, but take you somewhere else. If you cant see what the url is of the link, you can right click on it, and it should also show you what the link address is.

Make sure you share this information with your children, especially the Tweens. They think they are old enough to do things on their own without you looking over their shoulder. But do not yet know much of the dangers of Internet Safety.

So whatever form of Scammery, the Bad ones have sent your way, it is better to be safe than sorry.  Do not download programs or video players so that you can “see or hear” these special/Exclusive files. Avoid links that have just miraculously been sent to you, or your told to download this program or file to make it work.

So now, Who’s Bad? Tell the Smooth Criminals, they can Just Beat It.

Jackson’s death unleashes online scams