I hate to tell you this, but you have Multiple Sclerosis….

If you have heard this Oh so common phrase or know someone that has, then you are in the right place. When I was first diagnosed the Internet was my best friend. My Doctor didn’t have the answers for me that I needed to hear. Oh yes, they have the “technical” stuff, but I had to learn so much more. Once you are  diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, everything that is going on with you automatically becomes the fault of MS.

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Well guess what you can have both Fleas and Ticks!!

So I felt the need to include a section in my blog that is devoted primarily to nothing  but MS and things around it. I would hope it will grow into a great source of information and I will add features as it seems they are needed. Now, I do not have any Medical training and I don’t claim to be an expert. All I can claim is that I have had MS for almost 6 years now, and I have interracted with a ton of people. If I dont know the answer you are looking for, I  will either find it for you, or share with you  a place I think we might be able to find the answers you need.